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Our Trusted Editing Process:


Did you know? 

We can also assign your document to the editor of your choice such as your past editor.

Step 1: Client Manager


The Client Manager receives your submitted paper and additional files, ensures that your submission is complete, that all your instructions are followed, and issues your invoice.

Step 2: Process Manager


To ensure subject-specific editing, your Process Manager finds the most suitable editor for your paper, ensures that the editor receives all required information, and identifies the most suitable senior reviewer for the quality control of the edited manuscript.


Step 3: Expert Editor


This is where the 'magic' happens: Your Expert Editor edits your manuscript for clarity, flow, and proper grammar. Your editor also provides many comments that will help you to avoid errors in the future and formats the manuscript according to the requirements of your target journal (Premium Editing only). 



Did you know? 

If you need your manuscript checked again (e.g. for a re-submission), we can do that too!

Step 4: Senior Reviewer


The Senior Reviewer of your manuscript re-checks your manuscript for clarity, flow, and proper grammar (this is like a second round of editing), and ensures that all requirements for the service level you chose are fulfilled.

Step 5: Client Manager


Your Client Manager ensures that all the correct files are sent to you within your required deadline, ensures that all the instructions have been followed, and issues your editing certificate (if you need one).


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shutterstock_747423196 (2).jpg


Are you looking for academic journal article editing? We offer three first class services:


Basic Editing

Choose Basic Editing, if you are looking for improvements of vocabulary, sentence structure, and grammar. This service is for experienced academic writers who are looking for a thorough check of their text.


Premium Editing

Choose Premium Editing, if you also want to improve the flow, logic, and structure of your paper, receive a critical check of your figures, and have your paper streamlined for a specific journal. All Basic Editing features are included.


Continuous Editing

Choose our Continuous Service, if you want to have the best possible editing as long as it takes until your paper is published. We will re-edit all your resubmissions free of charge until your paper is accepted.

Professional academic editing for your scientific papers

Professional academic journal editing service is our passion. We guarantee to polish your academic journal article so that it shines and convinces your journal editors, reviewers, and readers. We promise to take your paper seriously, to give it the time it needs, and the attention it deserves. 

Unsure which service to choose?

 Here is a comparison of our services: 
Continuous Service
Vocabulary check
Sentence structure
Grammar check
Flow of your writing
Logic and consistency
Structural modification
Figure check
Journal streamlining
Free re-editing
Editing certificate
For all services free upon request

Customer Testimonials

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Prof. Yuri F.

It was the first time an editorial work reached that level in my whole experience. It was an excellent experience.

Alexey C.

Winston J. Greene helped me to improve my writing.


ABOUT: Winston J. Greene

Mission statement:

We want to provide the best edit AND empower you to become your own very best academic writer to achieve the success you deserve.



To achieve this goal, our editors provide specific comments that will help you to avoid errors in the future: our vision is that one day, you will write perfectly without the need for editing! 


All our editors are Ph.D. level scientists with extensive publication records. More importantly, they are extremely passionate about writing, editing, and helping other academics achieve their publication goals. Writing and publishing is hard work and we know precisely what your manuscript needs to become the best possible manuscript ready for submission. We are very passionate about quality writing and our customers love our services.


If you face any difficulties at all with getting your results published, you came to the right place. We offer to edit your manuscript according to your specific needs.

Meet two of our Featured Editors

Dr. Daniela T.

Winston J. Greene Editor


"I am a chemist with several years of experience in scientific editing, technical documentation writing, and research. I work for a pharma company, where I mostly edit regulatory and scientific documents. I always find a way to edit manuscripts for Winston J. Greene Academic Services, because I much appreciate the professionalism and high-quality standards required and applied there. I enjoy editing journal papers, improving their quality, as well as helping the authors drive their scientific messages to the science community."

Dr. Zachariah P.

Winston J. Greene Editor


"I am a physicist working on stochastics applied to random laser theory and financial engineering. I enjoy editing papers because it keeps me informed on new developments in the sciences, and I know that Winston J. Greene Academic Services and the authors value my input and suggestions."


Experts across academic disciplines

We work with world-leading PhD educated editors across scientific and scholarly disciplines.

Medical Sciences

Life Sciences

Physical Sciences & Engineering

Business & Economics

Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences

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